Newborn-6 months (14” hat): head measurement up to 15.5”, weight up to 18 lbs.

3-12 months (16” hat): head measurement 15.5-17.5”, weight up to 23 lbs.

12-24 months (18”hat): head measurement 17.5-19.5”, weight up 30 lbs.

2 yrs-9 yrs. (20”hat): head measurement 19.5-21.5”

Hats can be customized for color combinations as well as finish on top of the hat.

Orders can be places via email at this time at or through our Facebook site (link below).

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Honey Bun

Honey Bun Hat
Creme Brulee hat with black embroidered bee & trail

My mom had a bee skep in her herb garden when I was  growing up.  It was handmade from some sort of straw and sat out rain, snow or shine.  When I saw this golden yellow yarn it reminded me of  that bee skep with the rope-like rows all tied together to make the ridges.    Perfect for your little honey bun!  

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