Newborn-6 months (14” hat): head measurement up to 15.5”, weight up to 18 lbs.

3-12 months (16” hat): head measurement 15.5-17.5”, weight up to 23 lbs.

12-24 months (18”hat): head measurement 17.5-19.5”, weight up 30 lbs.

2 yrs-9 yrs. (20”hat): head measurement 19.5-21.5”

Hats can be customized for color combinations as well as finish on top of the hat.

Orders can be places via email at this time at or through our Facebook site (link below).

Monday, January 4, 2016

We're still around...

Our Facebook page (see link to left) is where you can find great new designs and see what has been going on! Message me there, email and post pics of your baby dumplings in their hats to the page. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing my work on those sweet baby heads!

Friday, June 1, 2012


This poor blog has been so neglected!  With our Facebook page taking center stage for pics and posts I've relegated this page to the B list.  Lots of hats are still being made for Baby Dumplings, knit pins are flying out the door and our local boutique shop is still a source for our monogrammed hats.  You'd never know though with some weird Flickr photo gallery problem (that I still can't figure out how to fix here) and not a single post since January!!  So sad.  

All I can say is come visit FB for more regular updates, look for our Etsy store's inventory update this summer and email me if you want to order one of our designs!

I'll leave you with a new twist on one of our favorites: Peace Baby!

Peace Baby Hat
Shown in White with bow on top and multi-colored embroidered peace sign

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy New Year!

Have you noticed that every store features their containers and organizers and planners this time of year?  New Year's has become the holiday of becoming super heroes in our homes and at work.  All you need are some pretty boxes, files, and clean white shelves and all of your superpowers will be freed!  Seems to me that they should start in October with all that stuff so you can get organized and prepared for the whirlwind of holidays celebrated in November & December.  Wouldn't that be more helpful in reducing stress?  Just thinking.

I do like the itch I get in January that makes me want to do more, create more, dream more... it is a restless, nagging feeling at times, but I kind of like it.  When I picture a calendar in my mind, I think of it as an arch, like a rainbow, with January starting on the bottom left, February on top of January, March on top of February.  The summer months form the top arc, September starts the downturn, and December is at the very bottom of the rainbow, where the pot of gold would be.  So, each January, I feel like I'm starting the climb up the rainbow again.  Starting with the freshness of just having completed a year, made it over the rainbow, and now being given a new chance to do something.  Anything.

I'm still trying to figure out where I'm headed with this little business.  I don't have answers, just a few ideas, and I'm hoping to find that sweet spot.  There will be some visual changes this year, maybe even a new website, and hopefully more baby dumplings with my designs on their heads!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Branching out... and a giveaway!

We're expanding the family tree here at Baby Dumpling Designs... adding women's pins to our line of accessories!  The ruffled flower pins are made with the same attention to detail as our other items and come in the same great colors as our hats.  I was so inspired by the ruffled flower on the front of our Eloise hat that I just had to make more.  Perfect gift for the new mom, favorite teacher, beloved Auntie or best friend too.  

Because I love them so much I'm giving one away to a lucky fan of our Facebook page.  Head over to our fan page and "like" us to be entered!  The lucky winner can pick the color and size of the pin they'd like and it will ship for free!
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

At the plaza...

Seems to me that there will always be the need for a big ruffle-y flower on a little girl's hats.  Something about sweet ruffles swirled into a bold flower just made sense.  Especially if you have a long history of baby boys in your family and finally had a girl.  Or your baby dumpling is a little sparse in the hair department (and you don't want to tape bows to their head like my mom did to me) or you're just plain tired of people asking if your baby is a girl or boy.  This one will be perfect for you--and can be customized with your favorite colors!
The Eloise Hat
Hat shown in Serrano with Watermelon flower attached to the front of the hat.  
Topped with a bow!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stella Baby

We've got a new design here!  A little elfish, a little spunky on top... Stella is a fun twist on our other designs.  Contrasting brim with fun sprout on top will unlimited color combinations--and you can add an initial monogram on it for that special baby dumpling in your life!
Stella hat shown in Butter Pecan with Blush brim & sprout on top

Stella hat shown in White with Cosmopolitan brim & sprout on top

Monday, September 12, 2011

Can it really be?

Whew! School back in full swing, after school activities abound, cooler weather forecasted (yay!) and new knitting projects are covering ever table in my house! The past few weeks have been filled with custom hat orders, a new design or two and I've finally added women's scarves to the Baby Dumpling Designs line.  It has been a long time coming and with a few more hours to myself I've been able to get a few ready, photographed and now posted!  I've also opened a Facebook store through our fan page. You can pay on-line through PayPal from the store and for the month of September all our Facebook fans will get a discount!  
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I'm excited about this new scarf design from jersey knit fabric.  The fabric has been cut into narrow strips and knit into a chunky infinity wrap style scarf.  Completely washable, super soft and a little stretchy, this scarf looks great over your favorite sweaters, denim or even your down outerwear! Perfect for running errands, hitting the gym on a chilly day or when you want a pop of color.  Available in a double or triple wrap design in several colors.

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Raspberry Double Wrap

Crimson Double Wrap

The second scarf design is a little dressier, made from super soft and drapey pima cotton with a touch of acrylic (to hold its shape) with a double faced satin ribbon tie.  This double wrap scarf in a rib knit pattern comes available in gray (shown), chocolate brown and black at this time.  Perfect way to dress up a simple coat or add a special spark to your wardrobe basics!
 as shown, bow is 3" from side to side 
(prop chair is 12" from seat to top rung and is 6" wide)

Watch for new hat design posts over the next few weeks!  

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Bliss with my Baby Dumplings

This is what summer looks like to us most days around here.  Some summer camps thrown in and play dates with friends as well and some fun family time.  Of course it is all mixed with the boring stuff of errands, laundry & cleaning.  

We also have a love/hate relationship with something called 20-20-20 that a friend told me about a few years ago.  On less busy days I ask the kids to spend 20 minutes cleaning something, 20 minutes reading and 20 minutes "brain building" which means educational workbooks, computer games, journal writing or something else that reinforces dormant school skills.  I also (unsuccessfully) tried to add another 20 minutes of piano for my two older kids.  It brought me back to the summer between 4th and 5th grade when I spent one morning a week at Mrs. Rockstead's house finishing the spelling & language arts workbook I didn't finish during the school year.  I don't think it was real summer school, I think it was just my parents wanting to keep those school skills from becoming dormant.  I guess 20-20-20 is my Mrs. Rockstead's weekly meeting for my kids.  

But this summer there was also some of this...

and even this...

which meant that I skipped enforcing the 20-20-20 rule for a while.  But I suspect all the things they saw and experienced on our trip more than made up for missing brain building time... and I think even Mrs. Rockstead would've thought this is better than any workbook in her house!

How are you filling your summer days with your baby dumplings?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Something old, new & blue....

Ferne Rose Hat
Hat shown in Bachelor Button.

This hat was intended to be something else.  It was supposed to have bobbles and different details on the brim and has been in and out of my knitting bag since the school year began.  As each element didn't develop as I planned I put the hat away, brought it out and put it away again.  When my final design idea failed, I stopped and really looked at the hat.  I realized what it wanted to be--a hat that would be sweet enough for a tiny baby, but also make an older girl feel grown up.  I saw that it wanted to be an old fashioned cloche hat with a sweet flower bud on the brim.  And when I finished it, the name that came to me was that of my late grandmother, Ferne Rose.  She was a master knitter, crocheter, and quite the seamstress... I think she would approve.  
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Ferne Rose Hat
Hat shown in White.

Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year in Review

The last day of the year...  It is very rainy and unseasonably warm here which makes it feel like winter is over and spring is on the way... so tomorrow's return to frigid temps will be even harder to stomach!  2010 has been pretty exciting for Baby Dumpling Designs.  We listed our first items on etsy and had our first sales, our retail orders/sales from a local store have more than doubled, and we've had many orders from word of mouth and many repeat customers (thank you!!) which is all leading to the hard questions of where to go from here.  We're thinking that a website might be around the corner, with shopping and blogging and a great photo gallery all in one place to make it easy to share our latest designs and remember our favorites.  I've been trying to add some knit scarves for mommy to the site for quite some time, but it keeps getting pushed aside, so my one resolution for the new year is to remedy this problem.  I hope you hold me to it!!

Thank you for a wonderful year!  
Peace, joy, health and creativity to you all in 2011.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I knew the baby when he used to rock 'n' roll...

A good friend of mine danced to "I Knew the Bride When (She Used to Rock 'n' Roll)" on her wedding day more than a decade ago.  Back then baby boys only wore pastels and maybe a navy or kelly green thrown in too.  Now baby boys can rock serious shades and show their hip side before they even walk.  
Whether your style is Unplugged (nothing but stripes), Classic (with monogram) or Punk (you choose the design) the Rock Me Baby hat is perfect for your little man!
Rock Me Baby Hat
Hat in triple stripe of Ebony, Robot and Hollyberry with long tassels on top.
Customize with your own color choices and embroidery options.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My sweet Lily turned 8 just a couple of weeks ago. At school her classmates were getting to know each other better and the topic of nicknames came up.  She asked how it came about that we called her Lilybug... I couldn't think of a moment, she just was always our little Lilybug.  Eight years later and the name still sticks!

Perhaps you have a little ladybug in your life, or even a Lilybug, either way this is a dear little hat.
Baby Bug Hat
Hat in Serrano with Ebony emboridered dots
 and topped with Ebony antennae.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Under a spell...

This hat's name was inspired by the 3 fairy godmothers in Sleeping Beauty.  We've watched Princess Aurora and her fairy Godmothers in Sleeping Beauty too many times to count.  This vine and flower combination brought big "oohs" and "aahs" from my little girls and I'm sure it will be perfect for your little fairy too!
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Flora Hat
Cream hat with Green Apple vines and leaves stitched on front.
Layered felt buttons in pinks, corals and purple sewn on vines. 
Flower colors may vary and can be customized.
Finished with bow on top and knitted hemmed edge on bottom.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Snail's pace...

We're in our first full week of summer vacation in our house and are still trying to get our footing.  We need to get reacquainted with each other after those long hours apart while in school or sharing afternoons with siblings after being used to having mom alone.  It takes a little time but I've seen glimmers of hope for a harmonious summer... I just need to let them work it out at their own pace--even if it is a snail's pace!  The kids came up with the name for this design and since they all agreed I decided it must be right.
Sheldon Hat
Grass hat with sewn detail in Cream, Jay, Sky and Reef.  
Topped with antennae and finished with knitted hemmed brim.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Out of the cocoon

My oldest and youngest both watched caterpillars journey through their life cycle in their classrooms this year.  The excitement of the rapid transformation wasn't lost on my 10 year old and easily mesmerized my 5 year old.  The changes that happened hour by hour remind me of the changes babies go through their first year of life.  They start as these tiny beings needing everything to these amazing little people who walk, talk and explore with abandon.  Butterflies and babies are just magical.
Flutter Baby Hat
Bachelor Button hat with Blush, Green Apple, 
Butter and Hydrangea butterfly.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him...

Honey Bunny Hat
Cream hat with Blush bunny embroidered on front, white bushy tail 
and topped with a stem in Butter Pecan and Grass leaf.

Our yard is hopping with rabbits right now.  They've been feasting on my spring flowers (grrr) and have become quite used to the activity that 3 kids bring to our yard.  There was even one young bunny bold enough to wait by the side of the house, variegated Hosta leaf hanging out the side of his mouth no less,  for me to pull the car into the garage.  With dogs residing in all but one neighboring yard I'm pretty sure my garden barely stands a chance!  But, they are still super cute, cuddly (looking), and the perfect critter to put atop your baby's sweet noggin... at least with this bunny your yard will be beautiful!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tour de France

Something about this hat seems so Parisian... I don't know if it is the stripes, or the vintage-looking red trike, or maybe just the yellow and a famous jersey worn by the leader in that big race in France won by an American a whole bunch of times?  I just envision a hip little boy sporting this knit and stealing hearts at the same time.  
Biker Baby Hat
Hat in Creme Brulee & Robot stripes.  
Tricycle sewn in Hollyberry on front.  
Finished with knot on top.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


When this new yarn color arrived on my front porch I immediately knew I wanted to make a hat with layers of flower petals.  The yarn is called Begonia (how perfect!) and when we get those first few precious warm days here in the midwest it is impossible to think of anything other than planting in your garden.  Even for people who don't particularly like being in the dirt the fresh, rich colors after a long drab winter make everyone smile.  This design reminds me of the layers of petals on a Dahlia with all of the sweet colors we welcome each spring. 
Dahlia Hat
Hat in Begonia with details in Blush, Crocus and Lilac and finished with a vintage button.
Hat in Fedora with details in Blush, Mission Falls and Orchid and finished with a vintage button.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where the green grass grows...

When I named this hat all I could think of was the jump rope song we sang as kids "down in the meadow, where the green grass grows, there sat Sally as pretty as a rose".  Of course we'd change the name to our own or a friend's,  drinking Kool-Aid or eating popsicles while the juice ran down your hand.  Priceless childhood memories.  I loved the sweet nature inspired colors of this yarn and the simple daisy pattern just seemed right for it.  I know your little one will be as pretty as a rose in this hat!
Meadow Baby Hat
Striped hat in Coral, Creme Brulee and Butter Pecan.  
Cream daisies embroidered with Blush bobble centers 
and Green Apple stems sewn on front.  
Topped with three twigs, one of each color in hat.  
Knit hemmed edge in Coral.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

She sells by the seashore...

Sailboats are the perfect celebration of summer & sunshine.  I've always loved being by the water and dream someday of living on the seashore.  Warm gentle breezes, the gentle lapping of water on a boat hull or on the beach and days that seem to go on forever.  For now I'll just have to take the occasional vacation to get my fill... and now you can share that love of sailing with your baby and this latest creation!
                         Ahoy Baby Hat
Butter Pecan hat with embroidered detail in Fedora, Reef, Jay and White.  Knot on top and knitted hemmed edge on bottom.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Perfect for little boys and little girls... these caterpillars in any color combination are perfect for your growing baby dumpling!
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Caterpillar Baby Hat
Hat in Bachelor Button, caterpillar in Sky, Green Apple, Orchid, Butter and Cherry.  
Grass green leaf on top with stem in Peanut.
Hat in light Green Apple, caterpillar in Begonia, Blush, Orchid and Serenade.  
Grass green leaf on top with stem in Butter Pecan
Hat in Green Apple, caterpillar in Sky, Butter, Sailor, Cherry and Bachelor Button.  
Arbor leaf and Butter Pecan stem on top.

Fly Away

Sunshine and dragonflies are on my mind.  It is spring break in our house which means more little bodies looking for something to do and dreaming about summer vacation.  Last summer we had a dragonfly resting on the front door screen.  It was huge and stayed long enough for several pictures and close inspection by all.  Hopefully this hat will inspire you to daydream about warm summer days filled with sunshine and dragonflies...
Dragonfly Baby Hat
Hat in Butter with dragonfly sewn on front in Serenade with accents of Hydrangea.

Dream a little dream...

This custom order hat came out of a dream about a baby boy arriving soon... whose real name is going to be Cooper, but in the dream a family member insisted the baby was named Bonz!  Everyone has shared a few giggles about this story.  So in honor of Bonz, aka Cooper,  a new design is born.
Baby Bonz hat
Hat in Sky with Sailor bone sewn on front, name "bonz" sewn on back in Sailor.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Stop rhyming, I mean it! Anybody want a... ?

Peanut?!  I couldn't resist using this great line from "Princess Bride" which has been uttered in our house too many times to count.  But, my family is not the inspiration for this new design.  The Peanut Hat came about when a friend asked me to make a hat for her sister's firstborn arriving this spring.  Her sister is petite and her nickname as been "Peanut" all her life.  So when she announced she was pregnant, the eager future cousins & family dubbed the baby "mini peanut".  And so the Peanut Hat is born... waiting for mini peanut to be born too, so the whole world can see him or her sporting a hat inspired by their impending arrival!  

Peanut Hat
White hat with embroidered peanut in Butter Pecan and Sand.  Stem on top and sewn name on back in Butter Pecan.  Knitted hemmed edge on bottom.  

Monday, February 15, 2010

Heart and Soul...**

Share your green soul with this new design!  
Even that tiniest branch on the family tree with the ancestor from Ireland is enough to get your Irish fired up for this hat.  But, really, there is no need for a leprechaun in your family tree--you could just wear it for the lucky shamrock.  And you know that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day anyway!  
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Lucky Baby Hat (front)
Fedora hat with Grass shamrock sewn on front, "Lucky" sewn on back.  Hemmed edge and knot on top.
Lucky Baby Hat (back)

Another color combination... 
Lucky Baby Hat
Sailor hat with Grass shamrock sewn on front.
"j" sewn on back instead of "Lucky".
Grass hat with Blush shamrock sewn on front.

**One of my favorite Irish tunes (by Wolfstone... check it out on iTunes), especially when my girls practice their Irish jigs while listening! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


A little blast from the past seems to be creeping into my kids' lives.  All their friends are doing it... so why not join in?  I really didn't think I was old enough for fashion to come this far around, but I guess I was wrong.  At least this is one where I can say "when I was a little kid..." and not get an eye roll since my kids aren't embarrassed by us yet!
Peace Baby
Green Apple hat with White and Ebony sewing and embroidery.
Knot on top and knitted hemmed edge.
Green Apple hat with Ebony embroidery.
Grass green leaf on top with Ebony stem.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

In the deep blue sea...

Beachy stripes are on my mind during this forever winter!  While we've had our fair share of sunshine (and super bright moonlight), the frigid air makes me wish for ocean breezes and warm surf!  I couldn't resist adding a little blue whale to this crisp striped hat... only 4 months 'til summer!
Baby Beluga
Striped hat with embroidered whale in Sky.  
Knot on top with hemmed edge.