Newborn-6 months (14” hat): head measurement up to 15.5”, weight up to 18 lbs.

3-12 months (16” hat): head measurement 15.5-17.5”, weight up to 23 lbs.

12-24 months (18”hat): head measurement 17.5-19.5”, weight up 30 lbs.

2 yrs-9 yrs. (20”hat): head measurement 19.5-21.5”

Hats can be customized for color combinations as well as finish on top of the hat.

Orders can be places via email at this time at or through our Facebook site (link below).

Friday, February 19, 2010

Stop rhyming, I mean it! Anybody want a... ?

Peanut?!  I couldn't resist using this great line from "Princess Bride" which has been uttered in our house too many times to count.  But, my family is not the inspiration for this new design.  The Peanut Hat came about when a friend asked me to make a hat for her sister's firstborn arriving this spring.  Her sister is petite and her nickname as been "Peanut" all her life.  So when she announced she was pregnant, the eager future cousins & family dubbed the baby "mini peanut".  And so the Peanut Hat is born... waiting for mini peanut to be born too, so the whole world can see him or her sporting a hat inspired by their impending arrival!  

Peanut Hat
White hat with embroidered peanut in Butter Pecan and Sand.  Stem on top and sewn name on back in Butter Pecan.  Knitted hemmed edge on bottom.  

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