Newborn-6 months (14” hat): head measurement up to 15.5”, weight up to 18 lbs.

3-12 months (16” hat): head measurement 15.5-17.5”, weight up to 23 lbs.

12-24 months (18”hat): head measurement 17.5-19.5”, weight up 30 lbs.

2 yrs-9 yrs. (20”hat): head measurement 19.5-21.5”

Hats can be customized for color combinations as well as finish on top of the hat.

Orders can be places via email at this time at or through our Facebook site (link below).

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy New Year!

Have you noticed that every store features their containers and organizers and planners this time of year?  New Year's has become the holiday of becoming super heroes in our homes and at work.  All you need are some pretty boxes, files, and clean white shelves and all of your superpowers will be freed!  Seems to me that they should start in October with all that stuff so you can get organized and prepared for the whirlwind of holidays celebrated in November & December.  Wouldn't that be more helpful in reducing stress?  Just thinking.

I do like the itch I get in January that makes me want to do more, create more, dream more... it is a restless, nagging feeling at times, but I kind of like it.  When I picture a calendar in my mind, I think of it as an arch, like a rainbow, with January starting on the bottom left, February on top of January, March on top of February.  The summer months form the top arc, September starts the downturn, and December is at the very bottom of the rainbow, where the pot of gold would be.  So, each January, I feel like I'm starting the climb up the rainbow again.  Starting with the freshness of just having completed a year, made it over the rainbow, and now being given a new chance to do something.  Anything.

I'm still trying to figure out where I'm headed with this little business.  I don't have answers, just a few ideas, and I'm hoping to find that sweet spot.  There will be some visual changes this year, maybe even a new website, and hopefully more baby dumplings with my designs on their heads!

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